UNSW Gateway Admission Pathway and Program

The 2025 Strategy Update outlines our commitment to developing student access and supporting activities that position UNSW as a leader, ensuring we nurture students of high potential. The Gateway Admission Pathway and Program is a key initiative of the 2020 Access and Participation Plan, the Access and Equity (Students) 2025 Strategy, and is tied to the Performance-Based Funding model.

The Gateway Admission Pathway and Program (GAPP) aims to make university entry more equitable. It offers under-represented students an alternative pathway into university, recognising that an ATAR is not the only indicator of potential success and preparedness for university.

The GAPP supports students in Years 10 to 12 by enhancing their academic attainment through the Gateway programs and increasing their access to university through the Gateway Admission Pathway. 

There are four components to GAPP:

Gateway Summer Program | Year 10

Students are supported to make informed decisions about subject selection, feel prepared for senior study and identify and navigate future pathways and post-school learning goals. Students are also guided to persuasively articulate and communicate future-focused personal narratives utilising dramatic techniques.

Gateway Spring Program | Year 11

Building on lessons learned during the Summer Program, students discover the faculties and degrees available at UNSW through faculty-led interactive sessions. The Gateway Spring Program also supports students’ academic preparation for the HSC and supports students to prepare for their Gateway Admission Pathway application in Year 12.

Gateway Winter Program | Year 12

In the final Gateway engagement, the Gateway Winter Program focuses on HSC preparation, with subject-specific workshops and practice exam feedback from HSC teachers and markers. Students will also be supported to write and submit their Gateway Admission Pathway application to UNSW. 

Gateway Admission Pathway | Year 12

In Year 12, students apply for an early conditional offer to UNSW through the Gateway Admission Pathway. It significantly adjusts the ATAR requirements for UNSW degrees and prioritises them for Equity and Accommodation Scholarships and further support academic support at university.


Access, Equity and Inclusion, Division of Equity Diversity and Inclusion lead the Gateway Admission Pathway and Program as the primary means for ensuring an increase in the access of under-represented students to higher education. 

All faculties and several divisions are instrumental in supporting and contributing to the GAPP.  

  • Division of DVC – Academic 

  • Division of EDI 

  • PVC – Education Portfolio 

  • Division of External Relations 

  • UNSW Arts, Design and Architecture

  • UNSW Business School 

  • UNSW Engineering 

  • UNSW Law 

  • UNSW Medicine 

  • UNSW Science 

To improve access to higher education and UNSW for students from under-represented backgrounds and to ensure that students are adequately supported throughout their educational journey.  

In 2008, the Bradley Review into Australian Higher Education led to the government committing significant funding for outreach programs. This was to support teaching and learning, improve access and outcomes for students from low socioeconomic status (low-SES) backgrounds, build new links between universities and schools, reward institutions for meeting agreed quality and equity outcomes, improve resourcing for research and invest in world class tertiary education infrastructure.  

As a result of the Bradley review, the Gillard government established significant program funding (HEPPP) to increase the low-SES access rate to 20% in 2020. It provided supplementary funding to universities to build the aspirations and capacity of students from low socioeconomic status backgrounds to participate and succeed in higher education. 

The national low-SES access rate at universities is currently sitting at close to 17%. 

The Theory of Change for how the intended impact of GAPP will be generated is outlined here.

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